On March 11, 2020, I received a call from a prospective and he wanted to discuss with me about a product launch, he wanted me to meet him in person and he gave me an appointment the next day to meet him.

The client wants me to develop a website and its promotion for the new resort he is coming up in Kokan and it is a 3-star property with some unique experiences like authentic Malvani food and visit to offbeat destinations and many others.

The next day at his office I asked him what kind of clients he is expecting for the resort, he told me that any person who can afford it.


                       “Everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience“                                                                                   Digital Deepak


I told him that we will need to find the exact persona who can afford his Rs 19999/- 3-day package as not everyone cannot afford such luxury.  

Without the exact persona, our website promotion will not convert to sales and we will lose both money and time. We did a survey and also asked our friends and relatives, from the above process, we were able to find that we have to target audiences age 24 and above and with an average income of over 5 lacs per year and love traveling, most of these persons are staying in metro and tier 2 cities, having a credit card. 

Let name the example as 

Neeraj Arora age 36 working in Multi-National Company earning 12Lacs Per year, goes to office at 9 Am and comes by 10 Pm. He just bought a new car and his kids are studying in an International School and take a vacation every year to rejuvenate himself for the daily hustle-bustle life. Every weekend goes to play cricket with friends and kids.

Now with this knowledge in hand, it will force us to get into their shoes and understand and see the world through their eyes. We will come to know why they need to take a vacation as life in metros are full of stress and they have to face new challenges every day. Now we will be able to develop content aligning with their likes, dislikes.

As we will be able to develop content as per their needs, liking and this will facilitate better communication with them and bring in more sales.

 if we do not know where to position our products and that is who our target customers are then we will lose money and goodwill too.  We will get the desired results and also the client was confident as he knew what kind of person he is dealing with.


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